Select Scenes

The Blacklist

Seen as agent Philip Rosenberg, opposite actor Ron Perlman in episode #209 Luther Braxton
(directed by Joe Carnahan)

it was extremely exciting working with Ron Perlman, I enjoyed meeting his dog Nigel! who was on set the whole time.


American Hustle

Seen as Wall Street banker Peter Scott
Director: David O'russell

Although this scene was not included in Final cut it was a real thrill to work with Chritstian Bale. Working with David O is like being on a crazy Fun roller coaster!!


Personal Velocity

Seen as Oscar, Greta's exboyfriend
Director; Rebecca Miller / United artist

Parker Posey is an incredibly spontaneous actor



Seen as Richie's cousin Dominic
Director: Martin Scorsese

Scorsese is Like a kid in a candy store on set. It's totally infectious.